real life business experience for students...

tripview™ offers a fantastic opportunity for students to get experience in a real-life business. Information Technology, Business Studies and Media Studies all come into play - with opportunities for pupils to manage how tripview™ is implemented in their school - and to run it as a real business to raise funds for the school.

  • Information Technology

    tripview™ web pages are built using standards-compliant XHTML and CSS. Templates will be provided so that students can customise the layouts and styles of the pages.

    Dynamic data and site updates are implemented with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XML, AJAX and SMS - with mapping via Google APIs. Schools will be provided with documentation that will allow students to develop bespoke routines and modules using these technologies.

    Access to tripview™ server based modules and database will be available via Web Service protocols such as SOAP and REST. This will allow data to be integrated into other applications using programming languages such as Visual Basic.

  • Media & Design

    tripview™ offers many opportunities for students to plan and design web page layouts and graphic artwork.

    The tripview™ module enables schools to raise funds by offering local businesses an opportunity to promote their services on the various web-pages. Students will be able to gain experience in designing marketing and promotional materials to help attract sponsorship.

  • Business Studies

    tripview™ can be run as a business project within the school. This will provide experience in business planning, budgeting, marketing and management - as well as the coordination of ICT, Media and Design activities.

    tripview™ has established a partnership with accountancy practice Probusiness Ltd. - who will be able to provide schools with templates and schedules to assist in planning and operating tripview™ as a viable business.

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    tripview™ offers a great new way to raise funds for your school or group. We'll even help you with marketing and finding sponsors.

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