tripview™ - for schools, clubs & groups

tripview™ enables schools, clubs and groups to keep students, relatives, friends and colleagues informed about their trips. No more lost letters or kit lists - they're always available online!

tripview™ also provides an exciting new way for schools, clubs and groups to rise funds through business sponsorship.

  • 1. Publish your trip details online

    tripview™ allows you to publish details of trips online.

    Participants and relatives can view details and download itineraries, kit lists and other documentation.

    Emergency contact numbers also displayed on the site.

    No more letters lost in the 'pupil post' !

  • 2. Keep relatives & friends up to date.

    Using tripview™ for your school or club trip means that relatives and friends can be kept up to date.

    The trip's progress on outward and return journeys is displayed live on the site, and ETAs updated via text message.

    No more broken 'phone chains' !

  • 3. Raise funds for your PTA or club.

    tripview™ pages regularly get thousand of views, providing an exciting opportunity for local businesses to promote their services online.

    Sponsors wishing to appear on your trip's pages will submit a request and, once you have accepted it, their details will appear - and your school or club will start generating funds!

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    The NEW version of tripview™ will be launched in March 2009.

    The first 5 schools to register for tripview™ in each UK county will be eligible for a 15% discount - so register NOW to quailfy.

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  • A new way to raise funds

    tripview™ offers a great new way to raise funds for your school or group. We'll even help you with marketing and finding sponsors.

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