tripview™ - for parents, relatives & colleagues

Parents love tripview™ !! Not only does it provide reassurance that the trip has arrived safely but, as one parent put it, 'it allows parents to feel involved in the trip - without embarassing the kids!'

  • 1. Check trip details online

    How many times do letters from school get lost in the 'pupil post'?

    With tripview™ you can check all the trip's details online,

    So, even if the letter is at the bottom of a backpack and covered in gum, you have all the information at your fingertips!

  • 2. Track outward & return journeys.

    All parents like to know that their kids have arrived safely - sometimes even calling hotels overseas!

    tripview™ shows live progress of the outward journey, and delivers that all important 'We're here!!!' message.

    tripview™ also keeps you up to date with the ETA on the return - with updates to your mobile if you wish.

  • 3. view messages & photos from the trip

    In addition to viewing the latest messages sent from the trip, parents can view photos and video clips uploaded from the destination - giving them a sense of involvement in the trip.

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    The NEW version of tripview™ will be launched in March 2009.

    The first 5 schools to register for tripview™ in each UK county will be eligible for a 15% discount - so register NOW to quailfy.

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  • A new way to raise funds

    tripview™ offers a great new way to raise funds for your school or group. We'll even help you with marketing and finding sponsors.

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