an exciting new way to raise funds...

tripview™'s sponsorship module enables schools to raise funds two ways:

Annual sponsorship

In addition to the facility to publish details of individual trips, tripview's new 'notice board' module will allow schools to keep parents up to date with other events year-round - such as 1-day visits, sporting fixtures, school clubs, concerts, etc. Parents can choose to be notified of updates and changes by email and text message.

The notice-board pages will get high levels of visits from parents and pupils throughout the year, and can be sponsored by local businesses on an annual basis - with their logo displayed on the pages, a dedicated sponsors page, links to their own websites, and a 'sponsored by' message on texts and emails.

Trip sponsorship

Each trip that is set up on tripview™ has its own dedicated pages that display trip details, itineraries, messages, maps, photos, weather reports and contact numbers.

On a typical 1-week trip the pages are likely to be viewed several thousand times. This provides an ideal opportunity for local businesses to promote their services.

Businesses such as driving schools, employment agencies, sports equipment suppliers, and many more are particularly are likely to be very interested.

The sponsorship module allows multiple sponsors to be displayed on each trip - increasing the potential for fund raising.

Get the kids involved!

tripview™'s web-pages pages can be customised by each school, and it also comes with a range of example letters and marketing materials to assist in raising sponsorship. It therefore provides excellent opportunities as a real-life project for ICT and Business Studies students.

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